Blossom Bundles LLC was birthed from the desire of two sisters, Chelsea and Sherelle, to provide all women with the very best  premium quality Virgin hair and services.
"Chelsea and Sherelle are 23 and 24 years old and hair has always been Sherelle's passion since a little girl. They were both janitors at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital from 2013-2014 and decided to quit their jobs and step out on faith and start their own hair extensions company. The plan was just to sell hair to Sherelle's small amount of clientele, which was around 8 people at the time, but God had another plan for this company. They went from 6 pre orders online to being worldwide known within 5 months. They shipped to all the states in the U.S.A and also parts of the U.K and Canada. After their 1st year in business God blessed them with the opportunity to open up a full service 2,500 square feet salon Downtown Mount Clemens when they decided to go look for only around 400-600 square feet area for just small office space. They knew God had something in store for them when this happened out of no where. They invested every single last dollar that they saved up from their first year into their salon that they have today and they also hold Bible studies every Monday at 7pm at their salon for the public to join."


What is the true purpose of your company?

The message that we are getting across with our company to the youth generation is that you don't have to be ashamed to worship God. You don't have to be embarrassed to show your love and affection for Him. I know within our generation some people may get made fun of if they give God the glory for everything they have accomplished or may be labeled as "too holy" if God is always the head and never the tail. Life is too short to not express how you truly feel about God because of what others may say or think, and that's what we are here for is to bring that awesome light out of them through hair extensions. Matthew 10:33 says "but everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven." I mean, God really gave us this company to be able to reach hundreds and thousands of different women all across the world to bring them closer to Him, and it's funny that we have a hair company because I never wanted to sell hair, I rarely wanted to even do hair for real because it was always just a hobby to me, never a career.  But I decided to use the talent He gave me to spread The Word, to let women know that it's ok to be celibate and that any man that isn't ok with you being obedient to God isn't YOUR man. That it's ok to want to spend time studying The Word versus going out to the clubs and getting so drunk you can't remember anything. That it's ok to just simply be that light that that one person may need to get through life. We have to understand that we are all here for a reason and have a purpose and it's all about what we are doing with our time spent on earth. How are we being that reflection of God that this world really needs during the rough times we are in right now? It's something for our youth to really think about.  Blossom Bundles LLC is not only just about hair, it is a movement to spread Gods word to every single person we come in contact with. The hair is just the gift He gave us to be able to reach them. 

Women of all races would love Blossom Bundles 7A top quality 100% Virgin hair. We offer Brazilian, Peruvian, Filipino, Malaysian and Cambodian. 
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