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These wigs are $200 plus the cost of the hair. You will need at least 3 bundles for a wig to be complete and full, even if you're getting a closure. 2 and a half bundles are usually used depending on the length. The remaining of the hair will be sent along with your wig.

U-part wigs are an excellent way to protect your real hair. They do not require tight tension on your scalp like a sew in would. U-part wigs are sewed or clipped only onto one perimeter braid around your head and can last you up to a year with proper care. These wigs will also allow your virgin hair to last longer because you do not constantly have to take out your hair track by tack and get it re-installed.

Wigs can be styled and colored however you would like. Middle part, side part, side bang, curled, etc.

If you would like a wig made please get the measurement of your heads circumference inches wise and leave it once you order. You can do this by taking a tape measure and measuring AROUND you head inch wise. Head size should be anywhere from 20-23 inches.